Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visiting the Lindholms

Now that we know where we're heading, each time we pack up & leave, it feels a little more momentous.  The driving days have been long, and Steve has pretty much figured out his limit--500 miles in a day.  When we left Fort Wayne, we drove to Black River Falls and overnighted at a Walmart there.  They have you stay over to the side and back on their concrete pad where the trucks come in and unload.  It was actually perfect; we had the place to ourselves, and since it was away from the rest of the parking lot, we didn't feel bad at all about sliding out.  Great stop.

Chantal and her sippy cup ;)
Jake was really funny with this mirror; he was delighted with the "bebee" in the mirror.
Great times were had!
Great to see Uncle Mark and family!
These rides were very intense, the look on Linda's & Donna's faces say it all.
Lots of fun was had playing ping pong.
Genna is very fond of her cousin Serena.
The next morning, we drove to Becker, Minnesota to my oldest sister Hope's place.  The kids love coming to visit them out in the country!  They had a blast jumping on the trampoline and swimming in the freezing pool.  We also had a get-together with all of my family there on the second night before Hope and her crew left town for a wedding.  Lots of good sister time, lots of good cousin time!  And the most memorable thing would have to be the crazy ride on the dirt bike track....oh my, it was much smoother than a roller coaster, but it still made a roller coaster seem kind of tame!!!  Memories...

It was great seeing our friend Nina, who we haven't seen since we worked together at summer camp in 2001.   She has all the glow of someone about to be married!

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