Thursday, August 9, 2012

Berlin Center, Ohio

On the road again...
As we left Steve's parents, it was a bit sobering to realize how many miles lie ahead!  We drove to Berlin Center, Ohio to stay at a COE park on Berlin Lake.  It's been a while since we stayed at a COE park, but I was reminded how nice they can be!  There's always more space between sites, and they usually have a playground.  This one was no exception....there were awesome playgrounds.  The only bummer was that we were only here one night, and we arrived about 30 minutes before a big storm with pea-sized hail hit, and the rain began again the next morning before we even left.

Jake wants his snacks in the bed of his truck.  Hubachers, does this truck look familiar??  Jake LOVES it!!

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Shannon Hubacher said...

Oh, it does! Glad he loves it!!