Friday, August 17, 2012

Visiting the Fricks

We also got to stay at my brother Mark's place in Ogilvie, MN.  I scored some clothes for Genna and Jake, and of course, we had more good times visiting!  More cousin time, more partying.  My nephew Evan turned 16, so we had a get-together with food, campfires, tag in the dark, and party lights. :)  Ha, ha....the kids (& I) always wanted party lights for the rig because they make it look so festive and inviting, but somehow, Steve just wasn't into it, so I was never able to convince him to splurge for them.  Wouldn't you know, my brother had some, so he put them up on the rig, and insisted we take them with us, so now we are proud owners of party lights. LOL :)

Jake and Cole spent a lot of floor time playing.
Julia and Alyssa had a blast together!
Wrestle time
More play time
The Gjesvolds came over for a cookout on Friday
Jake watched Dad and Uncle Mark move the firewood, and jumped in and grabbed a piece to help.  As he carried it, he kept saying, "Hard, hard," but he kept at it and carried several pieces.  So precious!
Nothing spells girl time like makeup & nail polish, right?  You can always count on Serena to have an assortment of both!
Fun in the sun
Steve successfully used potato chips to get Cole to warm up to him.
Mark gave us some party lights for the festive RV look.
Happy 16th Birthday Evan!!!  Super yummy cheesecake for the birthday boy--we're glad he shared. ;)

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