Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Arriving at our new home - Salt Lake City

We made it....our new "home" in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Feels strange, for sure.  We talked about the normalcy of feeling a little blue after a phenomenal last couple weeks.  Sure enough, it is a bit odd.  We are staying at the Pony Express RV Park, not the most awesome place, but it could be worse.  The pool is nice, the playground is ok, the snakes are interesting...yep, we've seen at least four so far.  The laundry room is nice and reasonably priced, but I don't appreciate the management guy who verbally accosted me regarding making sure I had put a swim diaper on Jake....and I had, but he totally acted as if I had not.  Just weird. The rules are a little excessive, too, like no towels outside your rig.  The advertised wifi also doesn't work at our site.  But's temporary. ;)  It only feels permanent since we've not stayed in one place for a whole month in the last year and a half...

There wasn't really an area to play, but the kids made the best of it.
Kristen, our neighbor in the next RV, really enjoyed playing with our girls.

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