Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seeing Steve's parents one more time before we head west

Even though we'd stayed with Steve's family for three weeks already before heading to Maine, he really wanted to come back through one more time and take his brother Jon to Philadelphia Eagles training camp. He convinced the big girls to go, too, and although I don't think they exactly enjoyed it, they did enjoy going out to lunch for pizza and getting to meet some of the players at the autograph session that they were randomly chosen for.

Shady McCoy looks bigger in person.
Brian Dawkins is my favorite player of Eagles past
The girls read the whole time.  We had to stand up to see well due to people standing at the fence in front of us.
There is QB Michael Vick waiting for the next drill.
WR Deshawn Jackson, one of their star players.
Jon and LB Demeco Ryans
The girls thought the autograph session was the best part.
Since Steve's dad has a dealer's licence, he also wanted to go with his dad to a car auction to see if he could get a second vehicle for us at a great price.  He did go, but auctions are crazy, and he ended up not coming home with anything.  And that was less vehicle to drive another couple thousand miles west.

Other than that, the kids watched the Olympics, and we gathered a few more books from the great library that Steve's mom has. ;)  I think they soaked up about as much grandkid time as they possibly could manage....probably a good thing since we're moving so far away.

Steve's mom treated us to lunch after church at Perkasie Pizza and Pasta!  Yummy!
Cheesesteaks are on the way!
I know I am biased, but I think that food in the Northeast is the best in the whole country.   I don't mean healthy, I mean best tasting!
The girls finally got their cheese steak!
Shanan saves her biggest smiles for cheesesteak.
After lunch, we saw this covered bridge, which was moved to this park in the 50s in one piece.  All the covered bridges we passed nearby in Vermont were damaged from Hurricane Irene.  

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