Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good times hanging with other fulltime families in Maine

When we arrived, this floating dock was resting on the beach.  Of course, we stayed long enough for it to float!
We learned that other full-timers were still hanging out in Bar Harbor during the time we were there, so of course we had to get together and have some fun!  Kimberly Travaglino (Fulltime Families) is so awesome for reaching out to and connecting with other families.  She organized a beach day at Seal Beach, where we (Travaglinos, McCloskeys, Bradshaws) sat around, snacked, and visited while the kids swam and played.  Of course, Margie did her best to win Jake over, but even chips didn't bring her success. ;)

When we left the beach, we decided to go into Bar Harbor with Kimberly and Margie and crew for some yummy blueberry softserve.  Upon parking, Steve got a phone call from Salt Lake City with a job offer!  Big day...and a chance to share it with friends!  We ended up heading out for pizza and finishing up with CJ's blueberry softserve....wow, soooo good!

We discovered we were all still going to be in the area another night, so Kimberly invited us over for potluck...and kickball!  We had a crazy good time, and Kimberly's team (my team) won, of course, aided by all the little people. ;)

We had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures, except this one of Margie and Jake "bonding"
Knowing that a job offer is on the table made this time together especially bittersweet.  Although Steve hasn't accepted the offer yet, we know that our time on the road is truly coming to a close.  And...the community that has taken us most of our time on the road to have finally built is special, so it is sad to say good-bye to that.  Guess we'll have to lure some of them out to visit us. ;)

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