Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Golden Gang

While staying in Conroe, we had the opportunity to meet another full-timing family whose blog we follow & get lots of ideas from, the Goldens.  The condo we are staying at has a great, warm, indoor pool, so it was a perfect opportunity for the kids to romp & play in the water while the grownups had a chance to trade stories & get to know each other.  Since both of our families are used to tight spaces, it didn't seem to be a big deal at all to have eight kids (their oldest was with his grandparents) and four adults in a two-bedroom condo!  The kids enjoyed a rousing game of hide'n seek while we swapped stories of life on the road.  It was great to see our kids all getting along so fabulously!  Parker & Genna had a spontaneous hug that we just missed capturing on camera.  Jake was delighted to see so many kids, especially two boys, and he was unafraid to wander right into the midst of all that action!

So glad we got a chance to meet you & your sweet family, Todd & Steph!  Here's to hoping our paths cross on the road again!

Cookie time
The kids had a blast playing in the back bedrooms
Bed gymnastics
Jake had fun playing with Parker
Emily was happy to convince Jake to let her hold him
Jake finally went to Stephanie at the end of the night

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Golden Gang said...

Great pics, guys!!! Had a lot of fun with you too, and pray we can see you again. :)