Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Little Communicator

Now that Jake's one year old, he's really had quite the developmental leap!  Just days before his first birthday, he decided to embrace walking, and now, he hardly ever crawls.  He is one busy, busy boy!  In addition to walking, he's really, really getting into playing with toys.  He loooves playing duplos, Little People, Barbies, and even trucks now!  Walking aside, his latest and greatest milestone is definitely communicating!  I'm happy to report that he, like Genna, quickly latched on to sign language.  I never used it with my first two, but I love, love, using sign language with babies!  He learned please, thank you, drink, and milk pretty quickly.  He still yells, for sure, but it is definitely less because he is better able to tell us what he wants...or rather, we're better able to understand what he wants.  He's also starting to speak some.  The other day, he said, "Mama," and I answered him, "Jake."  He paused a second and then said quite clearly, "Jake!" Soo cute!  Steve is often "Da-du" and so far, we haven't figured out what names he'll use for his big sisters.  However, he nearly always bellows loudly when Genna walks away from him.  They are becoming quite the playmates!  One of my favorite things about parenting is watching the relationships between siblings grow & blossom.  Getting to witness that makes my heart full!

Another fun thing about this little guy is that he is truly Daddy's Little Buddy.  Our girls did not have this kind of access to their daddy at this age, and while they loved him, he just wasn't involved in the daily grind of caring for them.  It has been awesome to have Steve around to help get Jake to sleep, to help feed him, to help change diapers, etc.  It definitely shows in their relationship!  Jake still loves his mama, but he often eats better & settles down to sleep better & faster for his daddy.  He also toddles over to him & lavishes him with hugs & kisses.  It is such a blessing to see this father-son relationship develop between my two favorite boys!

Jake lounging on his daddy atop of Enchanted Rock

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