Friday, February 24, 2012

Still in Texas - Conroe

Now that we've been in the state of Texas for more than two consecutive months, I realize that this full-timing has a dramatically different feel to it than it did when we started out.  There's still unpredictability, and there's still challenges, but we've definitely s-l-o-w-e-d least for now.  We are finishing up more condo-time, which is easy on the budget, and in many ways, just easier (plenty of baths for the littles, no trips to bathhouses, endless amounts of hot water, and dishwashers!).  We've spent the last week here in Conroe, Texas, outside of Houston.  Steve has been working again...and that's a good thing, because he was definitely starting to feel uptight about the spending of money without any replenishment going on.  Besides working, we've been swimming daily (loving that!!).  Steve also took the big girls to play mini-golf, archery, and shuffleboard.  And of course, we celebrated Shanan's birthday.  She was delighted to choose lots of side dishes; in the RV, I cook more simply, often one-pot meals, so it's a rare day when we have more than one side with a meal!

They had a really nice mini golf course there
The girls had never tried archery before
After much trying they both were able to hit the target
We saw this pretty moth on our door when the Goldens were visiting
Jakeman trying to take up as much of the bed as possible
We played lots of shuffleboard and the girls got quite good

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