Friday, February 17, 2012

Rainbow's End and Laundry Fairies

Battleship Texas
We decided to overnight and pick up our mail from our mail service (as well as renew our mail service for another year) en route from Galveston to Conroe.   Along the way, we attempted to visit the Battleship Texas and the San Jacento battlefield and monument.   We did stop there but Genna started complaining her head hurt and threw up, so we made the decision to continue on to Livingston.  I had a sneaking suspicious she might have been dehydrated because we were so busy playing on the beach the day before that I had trouble getting her to drink.  Either way, Tylenol, lots of fluids, and lots of sleep cured what ailed her, and she awoke happy & full of charm near our destination!

San Jacinto Monument
The Escapees National Headquarters is in Livingston, Texas.  We use them primarily for their mail service, so now we can actually say we've been "home," or at least we've visited our mailing address!  Rainbow's End RV Park is a happening little big place!  Although we only spent one night here, we were all impressed with how friendly most of the people we saw were.  Minutes after arriving, a guy popped over with some petrified wood for the kids; it's all over the ground in the park here.  Others smiled and said hi---no avoiding eye contact here!

Our spot here was conveniently located directly across from the laundry, since we decided not to unhitch, and we needed to do laundry again.  I love how cheap it is to do laundry at Escapees parks--$1 to wash and $1 to dry! I was bummed when I realized two loads didn't dry well.  Of course, I only had just enough quarters to wash and run the clothes through a single dry cycle, & it was after hours, so I couldn't get more.  I should totally know better by now!  Nonetheless, I ran to the laundry to put the final load in the dryer, and lo and behold, a little laundry fairy had moved the load from the washer to the dryer and started it for me!  Not only was our laundry done sooner, but now  I had exactly four quarters remaining to re-dry all the clothes that were still super damp!!  Love it when God takes care of the smallest of details just for me!

Here is Shanan in front of "our" street
This "RV" was parked near us.  There are all kinds of people...

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