Monday, February 6, 2012

Chasing the Rain

Actually, the rain chased us!  After leaving Fredericksburg, we drove to San Antonio & overnighted at a Walmart there.  We decided to take a walk to dinner since we didn't want to unhitch, and wouldn't you know, on that short walk, we got soundly doused with a drenching rain!  Fortunately, food in our tummies made everything better, and we actually walked back to Walmart without the rain, just the massive puddles left all over the parking lot.  Of course, the skies opened up again while we were purchasing a few things in the store, and we got another dousing on the walk across the parking lot to our rig.  Didn't stop there, though!  It poured, and the wind blew most of the night.  Fortunately, it had fizzled out by the time we pulled out in the morning.

Off to North Padre Island we drove.  We'd been really looking forward to basking in some sunshine on the beach, but we kind of knew what we were getting into because the weather forecast had changed...and not for the better!  We decided to stay at Padre Balli Park initially because we had to slay the laundry monster, and we knew we were about to get doused again with some more rain.  Yep, that same system dumped rain on us here on North Padre Island...lucky us, we got hit with it twice!  Great for Texas though; they really need the rain!

The great thing about Padre Balli Park was the never-ending super hot water in the showers, and the fact that there were enough showers that the big girls each got their own shower while Genna & I shared (the luxuries of life!).  It was also nice to take care of laundry without having to load up and haul it all to a laundromat.  Other than that, do not waste your time here!  It's nothing more than a parking lot, and the beach is absolutely filthy.  Seriously, I have never in my life seen a trashier beach. With that said, in spite of that and absolutely miserable weather, the girls and I still walked on the beach the two days we were here.  No pictures though...didn't really feel inspired to take pictures of all the trash and the oh-so-gray skies.

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