Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meeting even more fulltimers

That's not a book on her head...it's a comb with her hair wound super tightly around it.  Challenge of the day!
Steve purchased a Ready, Set, Camp membership for 30 days of camping in Thousand Trails and Encore parks, so we could stay at the park where the Fulltime Families Rally will be held in June.  We used it for our stay in Williamsburg as the park, Outdoor World, had great reviews and was less than 10 miles from Colonial Williamsburg.  Now...if we had driven straight to the correct park from our campsite in Oregon Inlet, it wouldn't have been such a bad drive.  But, we like to keep things interesting, so Steve somehow programmed another Thousand Trails park into the gps, so we drove way out into the middle of nowhere, although beautiful-nowhere, only to discover that we had driven about 60 miles out of the way, just for kicks. Ha, ha...Jake was unimpressed. ;)  But we were delighted to realize that the correct park was actually quite close to all of the sites we planned on visiting!

It was like a mini-rally of full-time families.

Although the section of the park we were camped in was rather empty & quiet when we arrived, it didn't stay that way!  Before we left, four more full-time families pulled in around us!  Wow--meeting others who do what we do is something that rarely happens unplanned, so we were amazed to be surrounded by so many at once!   Our girls got to paint with Jemma, and we all enjoyed a potluck together the night before we pulled out.  It is good to know your neighbors---Jemma helped me get Alyssa out of this rather challenging predicament.  Not sure exactly how that happened, and although I was cautiously optimistic when I first saw (after I laughed nervously at the sight), in the middle of it, I was really hoping I wouldn't have to give her a new "do" with crazy short bangs....Thank goodness for kitchen shears that are strong and sharp enough to cut through plastic combs!!

Jema was a big help in getting the comb out of her hair.
The rain chased the women under the awning.
Genna and Emma became fast friends

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