Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Steve had such fond memories of visiting Gettysburg with his school when he was a kid that he was super pumped about taking the kids here.  Alas, it just wasn't the right place at the right time. ;)  He had downloaded maps and podcasts for touring the battlefield, so he could avoid paying the extra money to visit the main part of the Visitor Center (crazy that your annual pass doesn't cover it).  It was a good idea, but he somhow missed the most important battle. ;)  Oops.  It was also blazing hot, and there were people everywhere.  The podcasts Steve did have couldn't be heard over the sound of all the other visitors and the idling tour buses.  So instead of furthering my knowledge of history, I was able to help Genna stop whining by helping her pretend she was Rapunzel in a tower overlooking the battlefield. ;)  Oh well...you can't win them all, right?

This was where Picket's Charge happened, otherwise known as where the South lost the war.
Notice the two kiddos sharing the stroller
One thing we did do right was stay at a Thousand Trails park, Gettysburg Farm.  We had a nice shady spot with a great "yard" for the kids to play in.  Alyssa did a zillion cartwheels, and they all caught a bunch of lightning bugs in the evenings!  We arrived just in time to go to the petting zoo, so the kids got to feed goats and hold baby rabbits.  And...we happened upon a kids' pizza party at the rec center, which included a birthday party for one of the boys staying there, complete with cake and haagen-dazs ice cream!  Translation...I didn't have to make dinner!  Wahoo!!  This is definitely a great Thousand Trails park!

Spot where a major battle was fought
Hanging with Abe at the Visitor Center
The kids loved the petting zoo at the Gettysburg Farm campground
The Jakeman had a lot of fun playing this game, no quarters necessary.

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