Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guess Who Just Turned Four??

Genna loved her whoopie cushion
Genna has been looking forward to her birthday ever since birthday season launched in January with Jake's birthday. It was so nice to be in a spot where we could just spend the day celebrating her without trying to combine it with driving or sightseeing.  Oh my, she had a fabulous day!

"Sit here daddy"
She requested "cheesy pizza" for lunch, so we took her to Joe's Pizza Place, upon the RV park owner's recommendation.  She was delighted, though I'd have to say that the cheesesteaks looked way better than the pizza. ;)  In the parking lot of Joe's, there were several garage sale tables set up, so while we waited for our food, we checked them out!  Genna was so happy to get to pick out a new baby doll, and Steve was happy to only pay 25 cents for it!  The big girls picked out something for themselves, too, and I finally found some great shoes for Jake--stride rite tennis shoes, sandals, and church shoes!  All great finds!

A little more shopping, and Genna ended up with a whoopie cushion (thanks, Dad!), a Countrykinz doll, a Little Mermaid coloring book, and some nail polish (Shanan enjoys practicing nail painting and Genna loves to have her nails done).  Afterwards, we went for a swim and then ended the day with Genna's requested birthday meal, homemade mac'n cheese!  And chocolate birthday cake, of course, with Ariel on it, thanks to Shanan's willingness to be creative and attempt to paint with icing for the first time!

Singing 'Happy Birthday'
Genna insisted on having an Ariel cake, so Shanan decorated it for her!
It was great to see Genna bask in the specialness and attention of her special day, and it was fun indulging her, too!  It's hard to believe my little girl is growing up!  What a sweet, generous girl she is, so full of spunk and life!  We love you, Genna, and are so delighted that God brought you into our family!

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