Saturday, June 2, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg

Steve remembers always wanting to go here as a kid and never getting to go, so he finally got to scratch that itch. :)  We bought the three-day pass.  It's definitely not cheap, but we went all three days, and everyone really enjoyed it.  Well, except for the part where Steve took off with Genna in the stroller and all of our belongings (including my cell phone), while the big girls, Jake, and I waited for his return for an hour....but hey, isn't it a rule that occasionally families must get separated from each other in public places?  Thank goodness for cell phones!

This is how they cut straight beams using a pit saw.
Apothecary shop
The weaver was very interesting.  I always wondered how puffy cotton plants became T-shirts.
This is how they soften the clay for making bricks 
We loved the way many of the craftsmen were really knowledgeable and passionate about their craft and were excellent about engaging our kids.  Tours were a little tricky because the Jakeman is fully mobile and rather conversational loud now and not really very interested in being held and expected to remain somewhat quiet when in a new & delightful place to explore.  Our favorites were probably just popping in to various shops and listening to what they had to share. This is definitely a great place to experience living history.

Patrick Henry waxing eloquent
About to tar and feather a British loyalist
High school marching band circa 1776
We made great use of the shuttle system and enjoyed the nice picnic area by the visitor center each day.  It's still plenty of walking though, especially if you have littles.  Although the shuttles were awesome, it's amazing how much time you can spend waiting for and riding them!  If you want to see it all, or most of it anyway, the multi-day passes are definitely the way to go!

The girls dressed up the 2nd and 3rd days we were there.
The gardens surrounding the Governor's Palace were beautiful, and the maze was a bit hit, too.
These two can pull 15,000 pounds, which means they could tow our RV!

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Sarah said...

Ooh! I SO want to visit Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown! We hope to do that trip in the next couple of years. (And in an RV!) Thanks for sharing your journey! It's fun to live vicariously through your family by reading your blog.