Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fulltime Families Rally

Most of the rally participants, not sure who took this since I stole it from facebook.
After a year on the road, we finally made it to our first rally with other families who live just like we do.  We all stayed at another Thousand Trails park, Circle M in Lancaster, PA.  Since the weather was blazing hot, we spent time every day at the outdoor pool and/or the indoor water park.  Genna and Jake had a blast at the little kid area inside, in spite of the excessive chlorine.  Genna even rose to the occasion when they blew the whistle on her wearing her little floatie; she decided to wear her swimsuit with the buckle-on lifejacket and started swimming around the pool!  Totally awesome!  She has made huuuuge strides in the water this summer!  She used to be terrified of letting go of me, and now, she is starting to relax in the water and enjoy it.  I think she may even learn to swim! :)

The parade of homes--this is the Lundy's rig, of course.
Touring our rig
As for the rally itself, major accolades go to the Travaglinos and McCloskeys for all the hard work and planning that went into making it fun for all!  Games, movies, dancing, karaoke, late nights, and all around fun times!  If you can swing it, a rally would be a great start to a fulltime adventure.  It provides the community feel that we have missed since moving out of our house.  If we were to continue to full-time, we would definitely have to address that deficit.  Genna was delighted to reconnect with the little girls she'd met at our last couple stops that just happened to coincide with other fulltimers, and the big girls enjoyed meeting new girls their ages, as well!

Getting setup at the talent show
Josh Lundy as Taylor Swift
I don't think he understands that dressing like a girl does not grant you access to the ladies room :)
Rosalee thinking "What have I signed up for??"
Justin showing off his amazing juggling skills
It seemed a bit odd at times to be together with so many fulltimers at a time when we are already discussing our endgame.  Of course, many that I spoke to asked for my thoughts on the current state of things, with Steve having already begun his job search.  The truth is that I just do not know!  The approach that I've decided to take is to simply pray and trust God for the next step.  Just as there are things that I miss about "regular" life, I know that settling down will be an adjustment, too, and there are things that I'll miss about life on the road.  Soooo...God is the one who truly knows what is best for our family, so I'm choosing to trust that he will open the doors that need to be opened, and he will close those that need to be closed.  It was a huge leap of faith for us to embark on this adventure, and we continue to exercise our faith in trusting that he will provide the right job at the right place at the right time.  I'm not saying I have perfect peace about it all, but I'm working on it. :)

Baby food eating contest
Pretty girls all dressed up for the Thrift Shop Prom
The Graf family was lots of fun
Kyle and Lisa Henson
Alyssa and Rosalee
The 4 year-old girl gang
Jake intruding while Emma tells a gripping story
The Seeley's 
Allen Lundy showing off his dance moves
Shanan and Kalyn Marrs
Mom and daughter dance
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Jake felt compelled to stand on stage while other people were performing.

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