Friday, July 20, 2012

Lee, Massachusetts

When we left Steve’s parents after our three-week stay, we headed to Lee, Massachusetts.  I can’t say that we were exactly  delighted with the $25 Tappan Zee bridge toll in New York, although I hear that some of the tolls there are double that!  We also learned that when a road signs says “No Commercial Vehicles,” it would be prudent for you and your big rv to avoid it. ;)  We were cruising along when I saw the sign for the next overpass, 8’8”, only slightly under our 13’5” height….hehe.  We exited and wound our way through what would have been delightful little streets had we been driving in a normal vehicle.  As it was, however, it was slightly harrowing to determine the correct roads to go on to avoid even more low clearances, as well as low power lines, trees hanging over the roads, etc.  I’m happy to say that we are rather seasoned at this point, and we escaped unscathed. J

Once we arrived in Lee, Massachusetts, we were able to stay at yet another condo for six days.  We were impressed with how beautiful this area of Massachusetts is, even if the gift shops and people seemed a bit stuffy!  While Steve continued to study night and day, the girls and I plowed through more math and history and enjoyed the amazing weather and played in the pool.  It's interesting how over the course of the last year, we've all gotten accustomed to swimming in water that we would have deemed freezing in Texas!  Genna used to only brave water that was warm, but now she happily plays & practices "swimming" in much cooler water!  

One of the days, Steve had us drop him off to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail, under the guise of listening to educational podcasts, of course!  He also conducted several phone interviews for various positions in various locations.  Thus the mystery continues as exactly where we will "land!"
Even Jake helped with the pizza making

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