Saturday, July 7, 2012

Putting on the Brakes

We left the Fulltime Families Rally and drove to Steve's parents' place.  It was a tight squeeze, but we fit nice & snug right next to their house!  And by one, we all got sick, and Steve started studying all day every day for certification exams.  And so, here we are, still camped at Grandma & Grandpa's.  The kids are getting a chance to know their grandparents much better than before, and they're really enjoying their Uncle Jon.  We're definitely living life at a slower pace right now, trying to stay cool with no a/c when the temps climb into the 90s in the rig every afternoon around naptime.  So glad that it cools down nicely at night here!  Jake has acquired two more teeth and nearly alienated his grandmother in the process, since he wanted nothing to do with anyone while sick and cutting teeth.

Jake enjoys spending time with his Uncle Jon
Meanwhile, we're all enjoying Grandma's extensive library, since she sells books and videos on Amazon. :)  Definitely a nice perk!  And, I've had to do very little cooking for the last week!  Breaks all around!  Now, if we can all manage to ditch our coughs & snotty noses, our pink eye, and then figure out where God is leading us to go next, that will be really awesome!!

This was the closest we had to a pool when the temps soured into the 90's
Grandma Zavocki had a picnic for the 4th of July.
My Uncle Richard and his wife Faye
It was great to see my sister and meet her new husband.
This is Jackson, my sister's son. 
Jake likes to feed chips to Jon.

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