Friday, July 13, 2012


On Friday evening, the kids performed 4 VBS songs for the parents.

Since we ended up staying at Steve’s parents longer than we originally planned for, when I saw signs for VBS at various local churches, it planted the idea that maybe we could send our kids.  They missed our own local church’s VBS this summer and last, so I asked if they’d like to go and got a resounding, “Yes!”  The one church that fit our requirements for scheduling was Christ Community Bible Church (CCBC) in Perkasie, Pa.  All three girls were able to attend, at no cost, whatsoever!  

Our girls had an absolute blast, they learned so much, and we were all wowed by the hospitality and generosity of this church!  Our girls learned the words and motions to all the worship songs and requested to listen to them (we were given a CD of the worship songs they learned), they were delighted with the crafts they got to do, and they talked about all the things they learned!  Wow—soooo glad they got a chance to experience CCBC .  They were truly a blessing to our family.  On Friday night at the family event, I was amazed at how many people walked up to our kids and called them by name!  We also attended church on the weekends we were here and again, felt totally welcomed by the membership, as well as the pastor.  In fact, the pastor used to be the pastor at the only English-speaking church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and since Steve has been to Honduras for missions trips 3 different times, they had quite a bit in common!  After visiting churches over the last year, we have experienced friendly and not-so-friendly churches; this church was by far the most welcoming and friendly church we have ever attended!   

The kids also performed a few songs in the Sunday service.
Genna and her VBS leader

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