Friday, July 27, 2012

Lobster in Maine

We forgot to take a photo so we stole this one from wikipedia.  Ours was even bigger that this one.
I'm not really sure why, but eating lobster in Maine was something on my bucket list.  I think I can blame Martha Stewart.  I remember looking through one of her Living magazines once upon a time, and there was a huge section on Maine, particularly Maine lobster.  It seemed like if I went to Maine, I should try it!  We heard there was a glut of lobster this year, so we were told it would be cheaper.  Not sure that I can say it was cheap, but then again, I can't say that I know what the regular going rate for lobster is.  Steve found a place to pull over along the road on the way to Bar Harbor and ordered a lobster roll for us all to share.  It was huge!  And...although it had to grow on me just a bit, it was really yummy!  Definitely tender and buttery, and the kids liked it, too.  Guess I can cross that off my bucket list.

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