Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Texas Bound

We were all sooo excited to head back to Texas to our old stomping grounds to spend Christmas and New Year’s with friends and family!  As we were preparing to leave Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, rain was falling and a storm was blowing in.  And a few adventures were awaiting, of course!

We exited our site quickly as it was cold and rainy and starting to sleet.  We got to drive through some beautiful snowy surroundings, though fortunately the roads were in great condition.  It was gorgeous! 

We were headed to Big Spring, Texas to overnight at Walmart before driving the rest of the way into the Dallas area.  All went fabulously…until we arrived in Big Spring and were flagged down by another driver to notify us that “A door on the side of your camper is open and things are falling out!”  And so the adventure continues…

Apparently, in our haste to exit, Steve missed verifying that all outdoor compartments were locked securely for the long journey.  The result...the outdoor kitchen was wide open, & our grill was gone! Steve remembered that the roads we were driving on had no lines, and he hit the rumble strip a couple times.  We're guessing it must have caused the grill to “jump” against the door, and since the grill is heavy, it must have been enough weight to open the door.  Sooo grateful it didn’t damage the door or side of the rig as it flew out.  Yes, we did go looking for it, just in case, because it seemed that it must have just happened.  No, we didn’t find it.  Yes, it was just a grill, and that is replaceable, right??  Nonetheless, I will confess to feeling a bit downtrodden.  A blowout, losing an entire wheel off the rig, and losing the grill all within the space of a week felt a bit much.  Did I mention this is excellent for keeping us humble???
We are all happy to say that we arrived safe and sound in the Dallas area.  Ahhh…it feels good to be “back in the ‘hood!”

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