Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saguaro National Park

We finished our time in Tucson with a visit to Saguaro National Park.  They have a truly awesome Junior Ranger program.  They loan you a backpack with field guides, binoculars, pencils, colored pencils, etc…all the tools your kids need to complete the Junior Ranger books while on the trails.  Genna got into her first tangle with a cactus, but fortunately, she fared pretty well.   The sights here aren’t that much different from what you see at Catalina State Park, but it’s still worth a visit if you have time.  We only had time to visit the East section of the park.
We called these the three sisters and baby brother
A perfect specimen
No, you can't hug the baby cactus 
There was snow on the high peaks, a rare sight
I promise to always obey my parents

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