Friday, December 9, 2011


What in the world is so enchanting about this town??  Okay, Steve told me that there’s tons of BLM land here that’s  free for boondocking, and we did see some doing just that, but other than that, I see no appeal.  We needed a chance to dump our tanks and clean them out after about a week and a half.  We didn’t dump at Joshua Tree when we left because Steve wasn’t interested in paying $5 to dump.  Gotta love the desert…water is a premium, for sure!

Anyway, we spent just a night here at Sunsetter’s RV park in Quartzite.  Despite advertising they accept Good Sam’s, they don’t.  Showers were pay.  Ready to move on to the land of bathhouses with nice, hot showers that don’t cost above & beyond your nightly fee.  Steve found a tire place just before they closed and got a replacement tire for the one we shredded on the interstate today.  Other than that, it was just an overnight stop en route to Catalina State Park near Tucson.   Now that we have seen it, we are totally unimpressed with Quartzite. 

Our first blowout, the start of a series of unfortunate events

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