Saturday, December 10, 2011

Casa Grande National Monument

En route to Tucson, we stopped at Casa Grande National Monument.  We had a personalized tour of the ruins.  Like the Anasazi at Mesa Verde, the Hohokam people who lived here left and dispersed, sometime in the mid-1400s, nearly a century after the Anasazi left Mesa Verde.  They were a pretty advanced people, building canals & irrigating, so they could farm here in the desert.  Apparently, there are more ruins underground that they have no plans to excavate.  We saw a pair of Great Horned Owls in the rafters of the protective structure over the Great House ruins that were pretty cool!  The kids added another Junior Ranger badge and patch to their collections.  They came up with age-appropriate activities for Genna, and they even gave Jake his very first badge! 

The Big House, built pre-Columbus.   Might have stored grain, but they are not sure.
At one point this was the second largest structure in North America
We were the only ones on the tour

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