Saturday, December 31, 2011

Soaking up time with friends and family

You know how I’ve mentioned that this can be a lonely lifestyle at times?  Well, we are all well socialized now that we are back in our old stomping grounds!!  Yes, the blog has suffered, but with good reason.  We had no wifi or ability to tether in Catalina State Park or in New Mexico, and since arriving back in Texas, we’ve been on the go!  Appointments to make, parties to attend, friends to catch up with, and all sorts of sick bugs to fight off so they don’t interfere with our visiting!  Yeah, some caught up with us, unfortunately! 

Wow…we have had soo much fun sharing life with friends again!  My apologies if we spent time with you & no pics made it here on the blog.  It just means I was having so much fun living in the moment, chatting with you & keeping Jake out of trouble, that I forgot to use my camera!  We are all feeling so blessed and so loved.  Our hearts are full!  The RV finally feels like “home” to us, but to be back in Flower Mound, Texas again truly feels like we are “home” again!  Pretty sure there’s going to be “friend withdrawal” for all of us when we pull away from here…

It was wonderful to spend Christmas Eve with Alison and the usual crew on Christmas Eve
Great to see so many of our friends and family
Linda and her best friend Leslie
It was great seeing Aunt Wanda and family
We enjoyed spending Christmas day with the Hargus clan
We spent a wonderful evening with the Bishop family
We had fun watching the Gordon kids overnight and even more fun when they watched ours overnight!
It was great catching up with the Russ family!

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