Monday, April 4, 2011

The Inaugural Night

We felt like it was important to take RV out at least once before we actually move into it.  Seriously, who moves into an RV without having ever stayed in one before??  Steve has spent the night in a friend's fifth wheel before, but I hadn't! closing date approaches, we realized this past weekend was our only chance!  Off we went, all 7 of us (Belle & cone included).  Steve did an awesome job driving!  Boy, is it ever a big load!  All four children were even cooperative about staying quiet so he could concentrate--definitely not a given!

Sooo...of course it wasn't without adventure!  We didn't have water at first due to some glitch related to the really hard freeze we had in February.  But...after a trip to Chicken Express for dinner, Steve found an O'Reilly's  where he got a part to fix things enough for us to have water.  Not too bad, I say!  Good thing I married a smart man. :)  And, kids made friends in a flash, which was so great to see!  They had fun playing tag, hide & seek, & feeding horses.  People were super friendly.  I was amazed at how many people were living there, not just staying for a week or two, but had been there for a month or more and would be there for the next while.  But, all in all, a good first experience, and Steve even managed to back the RV back into the storage parking space without too much ado.  Can I just say that I am sooo glad it is him & not me having to learn that now?  Not saying that I will never ever drive it because it's not smart to say "never," but I am happy that it is not my responsibility right now!

We also learned that if you put a bag of ice on the bottom of a freezer that isn't yet cool, the ice WILL melt and then as the freezer cools, it will re-freeze into a big chunk of ice on a solid sheet of ice that is hopelessly stuck to the bottom of the freezer.  Then, when you return the RV to storage, you will have to chip away at that big chunk of ice in order to remove it, so that it doesn't melt into a big pool of water that drips out of the freezer & results in water damage.  Definitely do-able, just a big old pain in the butt!  Lesson learned: Always put bags of ice on the rack in an uncooled freezer.

The synopsis...oh my goodness, I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that in just over 3 weeks, this will be home.  There will be no more coming back to 2521 Delaney Terrace at the end of the day, the end of the weekend, or the end of vacation.  Change is daunting--exciting, but daunting, no less.

And the update on how ready we are...the formal dining room furniture is now gone!  Another empty room (formal dining) in the house.  After this weekend, our bedroom furniture will be gone, and around that time, the formal living room furniture will also be gone.  Fortunately, the buyers are buying our family room sofas, tv, fridge, washer & dryer, so we'll get to keep those until the very end.

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