Thursday, April 28, 2011

Closing Day

Up early, back to the house for the final mad dash. Steve kept saying we were fine, but I will admit that I was feeling a bit of panic about how there was still stuff left to be done...more odds & ends, more cleaning. Moving is hard work! A baby who needs to eat, a toddler who has no problems going behind you & unpacking all that you've packed. Closing was at 10, and I had wanted to take a couple final pictures on our swing out in the backyard. It wasn't looking good. At about 9:45, we realized it wasn't all going to quite fit, and there was a bit of tossing of items in our neighbors' garages, a couple of very rushed pics of the kids on the swing, shuttling the kids off to the neighbors, & in the car to the Title company. A few more tears pooling up in my eyes as we're on our way, but trying to hold it together. Just about 30 minutes of signing papers, & it is a done deal! In the parking lot with our realtor, she gets the call that it has funded, and we rush back to the house to make sure we haven't forgotten anything. And lo & behold, Steve gets choked up! By this time, I'm okay, but it is hitting Steve that this house full of memories is no longer ours. I think somehow that the bathtub where our last two kids were born set him off, but either way, we really did make the house what we wanted---every wall (except closets) repainted, every floor replaced. Lots of blood, sweat, & tears, lots of love, joy, smiles, and laughter. Our realtor is totally awesome. She & her husband took our pic in front of the house, prayed with us, & encouraged us on our journey.  Another chapter in our lives closed.

After going back to get the kids, we went out to lunch, and then we headed back to the house to meet the new owners & walk them through & tell them a few things about the house, okay, maybe a book!! Steve was cracking me up with the detail he was giving. I was praying he didn't say too much. I'm sure they were overwhelmed, to say the least! But, it was great for Steve, me too, even. It gave great closure. In the end, even though there was so much life lived there, it doesn't feel like my house anymore. And that is saying a lot, because we are such good friends with our neighbors that we will visit our old neighborhood often, driving right by our old house.

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