Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Uncanny Ability of Your Belongings to Reproduce

Considering we close in the morning on Thursday, the 28th, that means we really only have 9 days (including today) to remove all of our belongings from our house.  I can't adequately describe how much we have removed from our house & yet how much still remains in our house; it really does feel like the more we get rid of, the more stuff we have at the end of the day!  After a hard day's work of sifting, sorting, & removing, I feel like I've made good progress, and then Steve comes home & is irritable about how much still remains.  If you're thinking that creates a bit of conflict, well then you're right!  I see what he means though because I go to bed & wake up the next morning & feel discouraged that there is STILL so much left to be done.  Of course it doesn't help that a certain charming two year old does indeed like to go behind & mess up stacks that are sorted & folded as well as remove items from the donate pile & leave them randomly strewn throughout the house.  And there is a handsome little three month old that still needs to eat & sometimes just needs a little interaction, and he of course has NO clue that I have much, much work to accomplish & little time to do it!  But...by next Thursday, it has to be done, and so, done it will be...maybe not done well, but done all the same!  Off to work on the upstairs some more... 

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