Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Day, Another Dollar...

And more furniture leaving the house.  The girls' bedroom furniture sold last weekend, and Steve delivered the remainder of the set on Saturday morning.  Shanan's room is officially empty, save all her clothes strewn on the floor since she removed them from the drawers before loading the furniture in the truck.  We delivered the grill and office chair and visited with old friends on Saturday evening.  And Sunday, the formal dining table and chairs sold.  All that remains furniture-wise, and appliance-wise that isn't spoken for is our master bedroom set and our family room leather sofas.  Everything else either stays with the house as part of the negotiating compensation for the windows that were flagged on inspection, or it is already spoken for with a deposit and will be picked up sometime in the next two weeks.  Which basically leaves us with a lot of stuff we'd like to ditch at a moving sale or donate, stuff to get packed up for later & of course get all of that into storage, & the final bits to take to the RV for life after April 28th.

Update...Steve called from work today & told me our master bedroom set is now sold.  He'll deliver this weekend.  Not sure why this one bothered me, except that of all the furniture we've sold, we've owned this one the longest.  It's kind of like this one was symbolic somehow of our marriage, of our life together.  Kind of like the ficus tree we've owned for most of our married life.  Reflecting on that brought back memories of hours spent walking through furniture stores trying to figure out what we even liked, if we could find furniture that we both liked and was within our budget.  Did I mention hours??  I realized that when this is done, we'll be totally starting over, and while that can be exciting, that can also be a bit sobering.  I realized that we had taken the last eight and a half years especially to establish our home, and while it was a lot of work, we did it.  We replaced every floor, repainted every wall minus a few closets, and decked it out with furniture we liked.  I'm not second-guessing our decision, just reflecting on the sacrifice, I guess.  Doesn't the song say, "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till it's gone"?  It's not gone, but it is all on its way out, and it certainly does make me reflect on the blessings of this chapter of our lives.

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