Monday, May 2, 2011

Meltdown Monday

We survived the weekend in the RV. In fact, it was really quite pleasant overall. The weather was beautiful, Steve wasn't working, and the setting was perfect—nice view of the lake & plenty of space between RVs. However, on Sunday, a cold, rainy front moved in. We made it to church somehow, despite the fact that stuff was still everywhere, and I was seriously having trouble finding clothes to wear. I mean, a clean pair of underwear, a clean shirt, and a pair of jeans is not too much to ask, is it?? Anyway, it rained all day Saturday, & the temperature dropped. Monday morning rolled around, and Steve left for work. Despite the fact that the RV was still a mess despite weekend efforts to sort through & find homes for things, I wasn't daunted because I had a plan. With miserable weather, I would simply pack up the kids & get out! Maybe a movie, a trip to the would break up the day AND it would prevent us from using too much water as Steve was seriously concerned that we would overflow all of our tanks, black & gray, if we didn't use the bathhouse for most things for this ten-day stay. I didn't realize how much that stress was getting to me until I had prepped all the kids to leave & even had Jake fed, dressed, & strapped into his carseat, only to discover that my keys were NOWHERE to be found. I texted Steve to see if he had them or knew of their whereabouts. Not so much, it turns out. I had a meltdown. It was sooo phenomenally miserable outside the RV, and I couldn't go anywhere. There were tears, even sobs, and I missed my house. But...the big kids were amazing. They were delighted to discover toys & games that they hadn't had a chance to play with in months, and they occupied themselves well! Not only that, but big kids always know when mom or dad are at the end of their rope, and typically, they go out of their way to not make waves; they leave that to the two year old & baby. ;) And so, we survived. I buckled down & found homes for things that I didn't really want to mess with, and eventually, I discovered my keys in the drink holder of a sopping wet camping chair tucked away under the RV. ;)

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