Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Mealtime Strategy

I looked at the clock today and realized it was fast approaching 2:00, and the girls had not yet eaten lunch. I warned them lunch needed to be eaten soon, which was met with an "I'm not hungry" from Shanan. Mind you, this is the girl that can out eat me at dinner if it's something she likes. At 1:55 I announced that it was lunchtime, and my girls dutifully arrived at the table. It was empty, and I was asked what was for lunch. I announced, "Today we're having air for lunch." "No, really, what's for lunch, Mom?" Again, I replied, "Air." Originally, I intended it as a joke, but after I thought about it, I decided to stick to my guns as there's been more grumbling & less gratitude at meals lately. Shanan says, "Okay, I'm done," and gets up from the table. "Nope, you need to sit down & eat air for at least 15 minutes," I say. "Who wants to pray?" Alyssa volunteers. Then I add, "If, at the end of your 15 minutes of air, you decide you'd like some leftovers from lunch yesterday, I'd be happy to warm it up for you." No takers, so far. They sit and pretend to eat, and Alyssa caves first. "Mom, can you warm up some macaroni for me?" Shanan was not far behind. No grumbles, and they both asked for seconds. And, besides warming leftovers in the microwave, no effort on my part. :) Smiles all around.


Julie said...

So funny!
I might try it.

Randi said...

Good strategy ... I would think most things would sound good after a diet of air. :)

amy said...

I love that! You are so creative!!