Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Wild Horse Canyon

This picture is a bit deceiving; I had to have Steve lift me up on this rock.  There was simply no way I could get my leg high enough to hoist myself up!  And...on the way back, he had to lift me down.  I felt kind of ridiculous, but we managed!  
We couldn't not go to Little Wild Horse Canyon again.  It was at the top of everybody's favorites from our last vacation to Utah four years ago.  This was our first slot canyon (okay, my only one), and it is really just so much fun & do-able, even with young kids!

It was admittedly a bit challenging for me at times, but it never got too narrow for me to squeeze through, and the rock in the photo above is the only one I simply couldn't get up or down by my pregnant self.  There was less water in the canyon this time, so we were able to go further before choosing to head back.  Many choose to go up Bell & down Little Wild Horse for a loop instead of an in & out, but that's a longer hike than we wanted to tackle with the littles.

You can choose to hike back down Bell Canyon but we didn't.
It get progressively more narrow as you go
She was a baby on my back the last time we were here
Getting narrower
Pictures don't do this justice how cool it is to be there.
Linda was worried that she would fit in her pregnant condition
Nooks and Crannies
The girls like to go ahead and hide and try to scare us
Trying not to bump Jake's head
Starting to open up again
The sun doesn't make it down the canyon but for a few minutes a day
Made it to the other side to play in the sand of course
Heading back the way we came
Of course, the pictures don't do it justice, but this is really a delightful hike!  If you go to Goblin Valley State Park, you must check out Little Wild Horse Canyon.  Your kids will have a blast, & you will, too!

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