Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Goblin Valley State Park

Valley of the Goblins
The last time we visited Goblin Valley, we were unable to camp here because it was full.  This time, we had a campsite!  An awesome campsite, I might add!  Seriously, there are no hookups, but the sites are spacious & easy to get into, even with a big rig.  They also have shaded picnic tables, which is a big deal because the sun during the day is intense!  We stayed here for three nights, visiting the Valley of the Goblins each night after dinner when the temps were pleasant.  The kids had oh-so-much fun exploring the goblins, playing hide'n seek (not really a great game for the person whose job is to seek), and just burning off excess energy.  It's like the best playground ever!  And we got some great photos of the kids in the same exact spot we took them four years ago.  Man, they've been growing like weeds!!

Shanan May 2013 age 12
Shanan May 2009 age 8
Alyssa May 2013 age 10
Alyssa May 2009 age 6
Linda May 2013 - Baby on the inside
Linda 2009 - Baby on the outside
We will have to come back in four years to this spot to see the change in these two.
Jake doesn't grasp the value of posing for photos.
We never could find Shanan when we played hide and seek
The second night we got to explore the farther reaches of Goblin Valley

The valley was very pleasant in the evening when the sun was low.

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