Monday, May 13, 2013

Arches National Park

Being back in Moab at Arches National Park again was also familiar.  It really was fun to come back to the same vacation spot we had been to exactly four years ago as a family of 5 when we were just tent campers. I would not have done the same trip again in my pregnant state in a tent!  My personal favorite at Arches has to be hiking in the evening.  The crowds are so much less (the tour buses have left), the temps are more moderate, and the way the lighting is on the rocks is spectacular--more so than during the day!     

The three gossips
Sand Dune Arch
We checked out Sand Dune Arches this time, and we were all so glad we did!  It is a super duper short hike to a delightful little oasis of shade from the sun & lovely soft sand!  The kids had an absolute blast, and Steve & I just enjoyed basking in their delight.  We stayed & played long enough that the crowds for Landscape Arch were ridiculous, and much to Steve's chagrin, I convinced him we should save it for the evening, along with the Windows.  Soooo...we did, and it all worked out.  Landscape Arch was pleasant in the evening, and the Windows were spectacular as the sun set.  We even saw some church youth group filming a song & dance routine at the Windows.  Steve said it was just like the videos they played at kids church at Valley Creek when he used to volunteer.  Upon leaving the Windows, we stopped by Balanced Rock, and although it was too dark to take great photos, the kids had a blast being silly!  It was a great ending to our time at Arches!

The kids had loads of fun playing in the soft sand
Jake crawled around like a snake
Landscape arch, the longest in the world
Amazing how thin it gets in the middle
We went to the 'Windows' in the red glow of sunset
Beautiful ending to the day
Arches in Arches
Balanced Rock in the last light of the day

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