Sunday, May 12, 2013

Canyonlands - Island in the Sky

We drove to Island in the Sky after visiting Dead Horse Point State Park, so again, we mostly enjoyed the view.  We had visited here four years ago, so we knew we wanted to check out Mesa Arch again, where Steve had walked across.  This time, he didn't walk from one side to the other because the right side is a bit dicey.  However, he did take Alyssa up there with him, and they walked most of the way across, then turned around & came back.  Shanan handled the picture taking, & I handled keeping Jake from taking off after the adventurers and from getting too close to the sheer drop off!  He is quite the little go-getter!  Genna, on the other hand, required basically no supervision.  So interesting how we have such a mix of personalities---so far we have two that are always up for adventure & totally not bothered by heights, and we have two that quite cautious.  Can't wait to see what little personality is forming inside!

The stunning view from Mesa Arch
Looking at the right base of the arch
This time, Steve didn't walk the whole way across it, but convinced Alyssa to go up with him for a photo op.
Linda kept a close eye on Jake.  There is a sheer dropoff just a few feet behind his 'play area'.
Three cute kids!
The view from the observation point at the end of the island
The monster footprint
The view is quite impressive here.  You can see the rim road below, which Steve has filed away to explore on another visit!

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