Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back in the RV if only for a week! - Delicate Arch

I'm back in blogger purgatory again. ;)  Okay, it's not really that bad, and I know that blogging our adventures is a gift to ourselves.  The kids have always loved looking back over our old photo albums & travel journals, so of course they all love browsing the blog & reliving great family memories. I just can't expect that Steve will understand that I hadn't even thought about placing blogging on my nesting list to complete before the baby comes! ;)

We were all looking forward to a little break from routine & the chance to take the RV out again for the first time since we moved here to SLC.  Per usual, and I'm happy to say that I've really come to expect it, we had a few "issues" to resolve.  This time, when Steve dewinterized the rig, he couldn't get the water pump to funciton, & we had a propane leak that rendered the propane unusable for the first two days.  That was actually a big deal because we knew when we left Moab, we would be camping without hookups--water or electric.  But, I married a determined guy, and I'm happy to say that he's not afraid to ask for help from the more experienced full-timers in the campground....sooooo, he finally discovered that the handle for the winterizing on/off was broken, so even though he had turned it off, it had not actually turned off, and that was why the water pump wasn't functioning.  The propane issue turned out to be rather complicated, but after stopping at the local auto parts store daily, sometimes twice daily for the duration of our stay in Moab, we at least had one tank working safely, so that I had the ability to cook again!  Always an adventure!!!

The hike up to see Delicate Arch is 1.5 miles each way in the hot sun, with no shade.
Hiking Buddies & Best Friends!   They scaled this huge, steep rockface together.
Everyone really seemed to settle right back into the RV, and I was reminded of those early days when we first moved into the RV nearly two years ago when everything was foreign to me.  It was so nice being back in it without all the angst of trying to figure stuff out!  Understanding how an RV works & being familiar with it & its little idiosyncrasies makes a huge difference!  

These two bicker by day but are the best of friends by night. ;)  
We planned our stay in Moab at OK RV Park (that is the name, not a commentary) because we needed a place to stay with full-hookups for dewinterizing.  The management there was super nice & helpful, & bathrooms were clean with plenty of hot water.  Between working on the aforementioned issues, we explored Arches National Park, Canyonlands, & Dead Horse Point State Park.  Even though we hiked Delicate Arch four years ago, Steve insisted we go again, so go we did!  Like the last time, we hiked in the heat of the day, which wasn't too bad this time.  However, if we ever hike it again, I want to see it in the evening!  Last time, Genna was 11 months old & of course, we carried her the whole way.  This time, she walked the whole way, with few grumbles on the way up, and oh-so-many on the way back down.  Jake astounded us all, however, by hiking like a champ the entire 1.5 miles up in the hot sun, without a single grumble!!!  He totally rocked it!  Steve did carry him back down because it was clear he was tired, 'tho he certainly didn't admit it!!

Genna loves to pose
Dad carried Jake back down after his amazing hike up
There is a window that you can climb up to get a different angle of the world's most famous arch.  Apparently, getting there resulted in the demise of another pair of Steve's shorts. I never knew he was so good at splitting his pants! ;)
The beautiful desert landscape as seen from the Delicate Arch trail.

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