Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Santa Cruz, California

We started out our day at the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz.  It is reasonably priced, and definitely fun, worth a stop.  Beware of the crazy potholes on the road on the way in and in the parking lot though!  Shanan was holding Jake for me while I put the wrap on, when she tripped on one those nasty potholes & went down.  So thankful they were both completely fine, though definitely spooked.  

Having fun playing with gravity
It is a strange sensation to be able to "lean" way out
Someone suggested we check out the Santa Cruz boardwalk, even though all the amusement park rides are closed at this time of year.  Because all the rides aren't operational, the parking is FREE---big bonus!  Steve was a real sweetheart and kept the little ones while I combed the beach with the big girls.  There's just something about walking barefoot on the beach that makes me so happy.  We found soooo many sand dollars, lots & lots of fragmented ones, but we also found quite a few whole, intact sand dollars!  They are so beautiful!  This was so much fun for me & the girls.  The little ones had a blast playing in the sand, too!

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