Friday, November 11, 2011


While visiting my sister and her family, we drove to the Jelly Belly Factory for their free tour. It was Veteran's Day, so Mike was able to come with us, but since it was Veteran's Day, it was pretty crowded! That's okay, because it was so much more fun to go with family! It's definitely worth a visit. The tour is free, and the factory is in operation Monday through Friday, so you actually get to see the jelly beans being made. Of course, there are samples, too; it was an all around fun time!
The Jelly Belly factor was super crowded on Veteran's Day.
They even had a special place for your male dog.
President Reagan used to have Jelly Belly's at all cabinet meetings.
Not actual size
We had to wear these silly hats at all times during the tour.

Janet & Mike recommended we eat lunch at the Athenian Grill.  Super yummy gyros!

We went to lunch at the Athenian Grill in nearby Suisun City
After lunch, we went to the Budweiser factory for a tour.  Apparently, this plant used to also bottle beer, but that part has been shut down, so this was not much of a tour.  Mostly, there are a few videos with an opportunity to sample two beers, with a short walk down to the cellar.  We got a chance to try Michelob Ultra Dragonfruit Peach, which was pretty yummy.  They also had unlimited soda and pretzels, which kept the kids plenty happy!

Kids got to take a piece of beechwood with them.

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