Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bodega Bay

After arriving in Santa Rosa and getting settled in at Sonoma County Fairground and RV park, we headed out to Bodego Bay at Bodega Head.  What a beautiful place!  Of course, it was super windy, but the view was amazing!  We explored the shoreline a bit, then walked up along the high cliffs to watch the sunset.  It was windy enough that we didn't stay as long as we should have to see the spectacular colors; we saw those on the drive back instead.  We also stopped at a little cafe on the way back that had free chowder tasting--salmon chowder, clam chowder (a first for me), and a carrot-tomato soup that was yummy.

Our kids' first view of the Pacific Ocean

Gathering seashells makes her so happy!

The girls insisted this made a very soft bed.
Getting dark already; why does the sun have to go away so early?
Just the beginnings of color

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Jenn said...

I so badly want to go to Bodega Bay!! We didn't have time while we were in CA. I saw you are going to Simi Valley. Our sticks and bricks house is in Ventura, very near Simi. It's a great place, have a wonderful time!