Friday, November 4, 2011

Escapees Park in Coarsegold, CA

Upon arrival here, we were exhausted from a harrowing journey with the RV through Yosemite!  Despite doing research, Steve didn't find information on tunnel clearances, and neither were we warned about it upon entering the park; we approached a tunnel with a posted clearance of 10'3", and we are 13'5" at our highest.  The posted clearance was at the curb, and the middle of the tunnel was high enough, but there were some pounding hearts and sweaty palms, to say the least!  We were looking forward to checking in at SKP High Sierras, and relaxing for a week while catching up on maintenance stuff. What we found instead was a packed park, with no room for us, except for boondocking, which we did.  We told ourselves we would stay three nights and then take off if nothing had opened up after the second night.

Turns out a spot opened up, and we ended up staying a total of 9 nights, 2 boondocking + a week of full hookups. We accomplished a lot here, but we were ready to leave.  This park is 55+ except for guests, so the kids always had to be under our direct supervision = no scootering around despite great paved roads.  With that said, they had a great time hanging out around our campsite.  The sites have a nice amount of room between them.

Things we caught up on:
1-Steve fixed the shower.  Wahoooo!!  That had been a long time coming!
2-Washing the truck.
3-More waxing the RV.
4-Going through the kids' clothes again.
6-A little R&R.  The last month has been a whirwind of activity!

We also visited Sierra Pines Church in Oakhurst.  Very friendly church!  They had a special 'guest speaker' Curt Cloninger.   He is a one man show actor who performed a skit acting out who God is not.   We all enjoyed his message.  If you ever get a chance to hear him, I highly recommend it.

We also came to Sierra Pines for their Trunk or Treat on Halloween, which was really more like a Fall Festival.  The kids had a blast playing games. Their favorite was a game called the "Cake Walk," kind of like musical chairs except with tape on the floor. When the music stopped, if your number was called, you got to pick your choice of homebaked good!  Yummm!

Little RV on the Prairie
We also attempted a trip to Bass Lake, but since they are doing work on the dam, there really wasn't a lake to see.  There were docks & boats nowhere near the water; lots of lakefront property for sale, too!  We did however stop and browse a craft fair there.  There was lots of jewelry, some cheap, and some super nice stuff.  Steve stopped at a booth with Custom Antler Artwork, great really nice man-cave stuff!  Anyway, the guy asked the kids if they knew the difference between antlers and horns, and Alyssa promptly answered. Then he asked which one is an exception, and again, Alyssa answered.  He was duly impressed, and he gave a piece of turquoise to each of the girls!

Other than that, while here, Steve was approached by a lady who was a freelance write about writing an article about us.  Kinda weird, but we honored her request, and we answered lots of questions.  I'm curious to see if anything will come of it....

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