Saturday, August 23, 2008


It seems that little people are growing up all around me, even without my telling them to do so! I remember pushing Shanan towards the next milestone because that's what you do with firstborns, right?? ;) I hope she forgives me when she realizes it. ;)'s a list of recent accomplishments:

She is my number one baby helper. She's amazing. She changes wet diapers, burps & soothes a fussy Genna (better than her daddy, I might add).

She is sooooo helpful in the kitchen. Last night, she even bailed on a wrestling match with Dad to see if she could help me with dinner. Wowww! I am one lucky mama! She is a great vegetable peeler & slicer. And she's learning how to make things like noodles & eggs. And she's not intimidated by multi-step instructions that involve both removing items from the fridge, warming them in the microwave, & assembling on a plate...unlike a particular male in the household, not naming any names, of course!

And another accomplishment of the summer, shared by both the big girls...learning to crochet, at least to finger crochet a chain and crochet a chain with a hook. I admit we didn't get the single crochet mastered yet, but that's my fault (I ran out of patience). Perhaps on another day...

She has learned to tie her shoes. It all started when she came to me about 2 weeks ago & showed me the bow she had tied in the back of her dress. Yes, I did say back. How she managed her first tying experience behind her back without being able to see is beyond me. But she did it, and we confirmed it by tying her shoes next.

She learned to jump rope this summer! In place, while moving, in the house & on the sidewalk. She's quite good, and she taught herself.

She can change poopy diapers. Need I say more?? She's an amazing little girl to have around because she's not scared of a little poop. ;)

Genna - Of course, she's smiling, and growing. Steve thinks he heard a short, little laugh. I can't verify that it actually happened, but either way, I know that it won't be much longer before we hear lots of chuckles, mostly for her sisters, I'm sure. She coos like a dove and is beginning to squeal a bit, as well. She's also discovered her hands. She goes cross-eyed staring at them, and she loves to pull them close & suck on them. And just today I noticed that somehow, she's actually scooting across the floor. Definitely not rolling over, but by kicking her legs & digging her heels in, she is working her way across the floor. She's not even 3 months old yet!!


Randi said...

I can't believe how much Genna's changed already! And she's certainly moving along on the milestones ... wow! She's trying to keep up with her big sisters.

Love that Shanan is such a helper ... I'm not at all surprised. She's a sweetie.

And way to go, Alyssa - tying behind yourself is pretty remarkable!!

Sounds like Steve needs a bit of work in a few areas. :)

In His Grip said...

Love your girls and yes they are growing up too much.

wanda said...

Now why wasn't I smart enough to have a Shanan and Alyssa before getting pregnant this time around?!

And yes, Genna is growing up fast! I can't believe that she's wearing that dress right now. Alahni was 6 months when she wore it.. Yeah, my girls were wee bitty....

I'm so glad to hear that you are truly enjoying her. That is the best of all.