Thursday, August 21, 2008

"I hope it's not Dad."

The other night we were watching coverage of the Olympics on t.v. They interrupted coverage of the games for an interview with our president, George W. Bush. I explained to the girls that he is the current president of our country, but I also mentioned that there would be an election in a few months to choose a new president. There was a bit of a pause, and then Alyssa said, "I hope it's not Dad." "You mean you hope Dad's not the new president?", I asked. "Yeah," she responded. I thought about it for a second (while also trying desperately to disguise my amusement), and replied, "Yeah, I'd have to agree with you. As much as I like Dad, I don't want him to be the next president, either!"

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Amanda said...

That's too funny! I hope it's not our Dad either!