Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eleven Years Today

In Honor of Our Eleventh Anniversary, Eleven Things I Remember About Our Wedding Day:

1-Sweating for outdoor pics at 9:00 in the morning! (yeah, you gotta love Dallas in August, see the shiny faces??)

2-Watching my dad, who never drinks, guzzle a glass of champagne before walking me down the aisle to give me away

3-Being deliriously happy during the ceremony

4-Realizing that the dinner served at the reception was not the dinner we had chosen in advance, but also realizing that it just didn't matter!

5-Getting cake shoved in my face & up my nose...and then dishing out the same to you...and trying to clean it all off afterwards

6-Finding out that my family only got crumbs of the wedding cake but not being able to do anything about it because the servers served the head table last & cut the pieces of cake too large...

7-Realizing that a trip to the bathroom while wearing a wedding dress is not a one-person adventure!

8-The fish on the tables at the reception and then hearing those same fish all night in the hotel room (who knew fish make noise??).

9-Fruit Loops in my dress, hair, and everywhere (not exactly the traditional choice of what to throw at the bride & groom as they depart)

10-Tighty-whities dragging along behind the car...

11-Relief that the planning & execution of the whole event was DONE!

But wait, there's more...Eleven Things I Love About You, Honey (In no particular order):

1-I love how much I've seen you grow spiritually over the course of our marriage.

2-You're a phenomenal dad, the happy, fun, wrestling dad that our girls need.

3-You might not cook, but you're given me great freedom to obtain the tools I need & desire to help me do the job better & more efficiently. And you don't mind leftovers!

4-You make me laugh. I'll be remembering the request for duct-tape to tape your toothbrush back together after the handle broke! (No, I didn't honor the request, just in case you're wondering. We can afford another toothbrush, after all!)

5-You're committed, to me, to the girls, to God.

6-You're not ruled by your emotions (at least not on most days). Oh, how important this is in a houseful of girls! ;) We need at least one clear-headed thinker amongst us!

7-You're a hard worker, and you provide very well for your family. We never lack anything we truly need.

8-I love how you treat me extra special when you know I'm pregnant with your child. (And no, I'm definitely not pregnant again!)

9-I love how you've gotten better at washing dishes. ;)

10-You love to travel...but you love to travel with me best of all!

11-You chose me!!! And I'm so glad you did...and you still do!

May there be many more years of making memories together! I love you!

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DeDe said...

How sweet ... congratulations!