Thursday, August 7, 2008


Yeah, I'm not talking about the thing you sit on. ;) I'm talking about that propensity to be perpetually two steps behind where you think you ought to be. This morning I was so tired that I dreamed about doing the thing that I should have done yesterday. Except then I opened my eyes & realized that it was a dream, and I'd better get out of bed & get moving. Realizing I'd surely function better after coffee, I proceeded to make it, only to hear the beep saying it was ready about 20 seconds after I had pushed start. It really couldn't be ready, so I went over to examine and discovered that I had missed pouring the water from the carafe into the reservoir. Oops!

So back to the behind bit, I'm behind on blogging, behind on housecleaning, behind on my last few thank you notes from Genna's birth & the kindnesses that followed, behind on being fully prepared for the school year, behind on cleaning maternity clothes out of my closet, behind on finding new shoes for my big girls, behind on finding the new style & size of clothing that fits & flatters my new postpartum shape. Yeah, I'm just behind.

Oh well, for today, I shan't get too out of sorts about my inability to catch up 'cause I bet I'm not the only one. ;)


Amanda said...

You are absolutely not the only one behind on all kinds of things. Thanks for the reminder.

Randi said...

You have a newborn and you're allowed to be behind!