Sunday, June 29, 2014

Alligator Alley and Reno's Reptiles

If you find yourself near Foley, Alabama, you should visit Alligator Alley, even if the whole city of Summerdale is a speed trap.  Consider yourself warned!  If Reno's Reptiles are there, definitely pay the extra couple bucks required to add to your ticket. It's worth watching a feeding, and it's also worth buying a cup of food to feed to the gators.

Everyone had a chance to hold a two year old gator
Very glad for the tape on the gator's mouth
This is the three year old pen
They had a boardwalk where you can observe the bigger gators
This is Captian Crunch, the world record holder for bite strength. He is 13 feet long.
All the kids held a baby gator, even Jake! We were all amazed at how soft its skin was!  As cool as the gators were, I think the highlight for most was Reno's Reptiles. The guy clearly had a passion for his reptiles, and he shared it with everyone interested.  The girls held lots of super cool snakes (and I am not a snake person AT.ALL!) Even Steve & I held a couple. We also got to hold a tarantula. It was kind of cool and kind of creepy, all at the same time!  This place is definitely worth a stop!

We all had fun holding this friendly snake. It was an albino anaconda if I remember right.

Alyssa bonding with a python
This snake was too heavy for Genna to hold
This snake was named Cuddles.  We had no idea that it would try to go between us.
The snake went around my neck and back
This snake knew how to amuse
Shanan and Linda wanted to get in on the fun.
They also had a tarantula you could hold, which is very creepy.

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