Saturday, June 28, 2014

USS Alabama Battleship tour

One of the things we're enjoying now that we're all together again as a family is playing tourist.  We are trying to explore the area we are currently in.  It's a bonus of the RV lifestyle. It's not that there aren't maintenance chores in an RV, but there is generally less maintenance--i.e. no lawn care.  On the weekends we're taking advantage of the area, checking out the area beaches & tourist attractions.

Admittedly, touring the USS Alabama Battleship is a bit pricey for a family our size, but we really did enjoy ourselves. It was quite hot, and there were many ladders to go up & down, but with Katie in the sling & Steve spotting Jake, who had a few panicky moments, we did just fine.

With admission, you can also tour the submarine, which we enjoyed just as much as the battleship. There are also covered picnic tables on site, so we had a picnic lunch. While it was hot, the shade and the breeze off the water kept it rather pleasant.

A great day to check out a piece of history
It was hot in the non air conditioned boat
Time for lunch?
Genna inside a giant mixing bowl

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