Friday, July 4, 2014

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Even though Steve had arrived nearly two months prior, he decided to wait until we arrived to go to the beach altogether as a family.  We went twice to the beach pavilion of Gulf Shores State Park in Alabama. We did pay $5 to park, but it was worth it for the bathrooms and showers.  It was indeed crowded, but it was still pleasant. There were lots of fish to see in the clear waters, even several rays, and a small shark??  I can't vouch for the shark myself, but Steve is convinced he saw one!  I can see why so many Texans drive here for vacation as the beach is a much "prettier" beach than Texas beaches.

It was truly great to be together & having fun!  On our way back, we checked our the popular, local Shrimp Basket, but really, save your money & go to something better.  We just weren't that impressed.

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