Saturday, June 7, 2014

Visiting Dallas friends along the way

We were all looking forward to visiting our close friends & family in our old hometown en route to Alabama/Florida. I was bummed that I'd just dealt with sick kids along the way & a little concerned that we wouldn't get to see people after all. Fortunately, everyone recovered, & our friends welcomed us anyway.

My best friend Kim from my college years at TWU
Zuoming & her growing family
We packed as much visiting & play into 5 days as we could. We arrived with two days remaining in the public school year, so lots of yearend activities were in full swing. Our timing might not have been ideal, but our friends still managed to make time for us. Shanan, Alyssa & Genna got to have a sleepover with the Hargus kids, and all of us had a lovely, not nearly long enough day at my friend Kim's place out in the country. We also got to meet our friend Zuoming's newest little guy! We even squeezed in some fun with the Gordon's in the evenings & on the weekend, in spite of their crazy schedules. And we got to end our time with some good memory making with cousins & hanging out with my sister! I love that we have fantastic friendships that pick up right where we left off!    

Gordons & Zavockis
Katie & Uncle Gregory were rather fond of each other
We even got a chance to celebrate Genna's sixth birthday with her cousins...and of course, chocolate cake a la' Master Baker Uncle Tracy. Oh so yummy! And...I'm delighted to say the last bit of the drive from Plano, Texas to Robertsdale, Alabama was altogether uneventful! :)

Happy 6th Birthday to Genna!
Katie getting acquainted with Aunt Wanda
One big slumber party with the cousins, complete with bedtime story
Swimming with cousins

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