Monday, January 30, 2012

San Antonio

It seemed wrong to be so close to San Antonio & not go, even though Steve & I have both been several times.  Who can pass up the Alamo for history?  Plus, our seven month on-the-road anniversary was up, and Steve had seen a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives episode with Bun'n'Barrel, a San Antonio barbecue restaurant featured, and he was game for celebrating there.  Off we went, despite the 20% chance of rain.  Besides, when does it rain when it's only a 20% chance??

Our first stop was Bun'n'Barrel.  Who can learn history on an empty stomach??  Our service was good, and the food was good, too!  Steve tried to talk Shanan out of ordering a fish sandwich, but I'm glad he wasn't successful because it was yummy (she let me taste it)!  All in all, a good way to commemorate seven months on-the-road!

Next stop was the Alamo.  It was a good day to visit because it wasn't crowded!  The Battle of the Alamo really exemplifies that fiercely independent and tenacious spirit that Texas stands for.  They really fought to the very end.  Lots of Texas history to process...and a good reminder that while we enjoyed our time in Gonzales, we really should have explored the history of the town while we there as it is the home of the first rumblings of the Texas Revolution.  Alyssa gave me a good chuckle when she saw the artifacts on display in the gift shop.  "So they fought with kitchen knives???" she asked!  She didn't grasp that the artifacts were there to give more insight into that time period in history and figured that they didn't have proper weapons, so they fought tenaciously with what they had!! 

While still at the Alamo, the first drops of rain began to fall, but it was really just a bit of drizzle, and we paid it no attention.  After leaving the Alamo and heading to the riverwalk, the drizzle turned to rain!  No pleasant sunny day to walk the riverwalk!  We got pretty wet, but we still walked!  The side benefit was that it wasn't crowded at all.  On a beautiful spring or summer day, it can be crazy busy!  

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