Saturday, January 28, 2012

Canyon Lake - Condo

When we left Gonzales, Texas, we made tracks to Canyon Lake in the Hill Country.  In our younger, less experienced years, we fell for a timeshare.  Definitely not one of our wisest financial decisions, but we've learned to make the best of it.  We hung out here for six nights, and I have to say, a two bedroom condo has never felt so large!  We had great times here.  The littles really enjoyed this awesome bathtub!

The big kids had a blast swimming in the heated indoor pool.  We all enjoyed the use of a dishwasher for a few days, a somewhat larger kitchen, and a larger table that we all fit at more comfortably, and just more space, in general.  Jake had a blast toddling about, exploring the place. He's more concerned about my whereabouts in the small space of the RV than he was here in the condo, oddly enough!

A little putt putt fun
Jake's learning early!
We also decided to do a little "recycling" while we were here.  Yeah, we don't recycle much these days.  Who has room for a recycle bin? Especially when over half the campgrounds don't even have recycling receptacles.  However...when Steve split the back of his nearly new jeans, I saw a "recycling opportunity." ;)

When Genna saw the big girls making one, she "needed" one, too.  She designed it, and I sewed it!
Amazing how big this table seemed to us!  Perfect for trying out Alyssa's new sewing machine!
The big girls definitely enjoyed their thick mattress!
Drying out the legos that doubled as bath toys
Here is Shanan's creation

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